Pro Staff


The Lowe Creek Outdoors Family

Our Pro Staff consists of individuals and families who spend the majority of their free time in the outdoors.  They are a highly motivated group who take great pride in sharing their success stories and photos throughout the year.  It is because of these quality influencers that we are able to create rich content and messages about people, places, products, and businesses that everyone needs to be aware of.  The use of social media platforms and word of mouth are preferred methods of communication.

What does it take to become a part of Lowe Creek?

  • Have an undaunting love of the outdoors
  • Be a positive influence in everyday life
  • Ethical and legal sportsmanship
  • Engage and teach tomorrow's generation
  • Respect the land and its resources
  • Success is measured by fond memories created, not just size of trophies




Obsessed with all things outdoors, Jeff's favorite place to be is in a tree stand with his bow.  Hunting and fishing has been a part of his life since he could walk.  Family and friends come first, and being able to share that time outside together is priceless.



Looking through the lens of a camera can be just as exciting as an optic.  Lori has a unique eye for nature and enjoys photography as well as hunting whitetails and fishing.  She is also our professional wild game chef.  Field to table never tasted so good!

The Boys


Following in the family footsteps  whether is be hunting, fishing, camping, or riding a four wheeler, these two brothers can be found side by side on some type of mission.  We get such a kick out of watching them grow into fine young men while enjoying success in the field along the way.



In addition to whitetails, Tim has a love for upland bird hunting and can be found on point with his dog Kenya.  When not flushing roosters, he enjoys ice fishing on multiple lakes in the Midwest.  His two sons are always game to come along on his adventures. 

Jim "Grandpa"


Fishing is Jim's #1 hobby.  If he is not on the jobsite or in the office he is on the lake throwing lures.  Spring and Summer fishing is his preference, with turkeys and whitetail deer on his to do list the rest of the year.  Watching the family enjoy the outdoors has become more rewarding than the harvest or catch itself.

Bob "Great-Grandpa"


Although no longer with us, Bob's relentless need for the outdoors lives on through us all.  He spent the majority of his early retirement on the waters of Lake Michigan landing monster trout and salmon.  A local legend, his boat was called "Never-E-Nuff" which perfectly describes the drive our family depends on each and every day.



The most experienced hunter on the Team, Mike has traveled to multiple states and countries and has taken some very impressive animals.  He spends his retirement improving his land and creating habitat and opportunities for he and his grandson to enjoy together.



Jason has been hunting his grandfather's farm for nearly 4 decades.  There is not an inch of 400 acres that he has not covered in depth.  With many successful whitetail hunts under his belt, he now has moved his pursuit to the mountains as he looks for big elk while on horseback.



Mike grew up chasing whitetails and coyotes however hunting western mule deer has claimed the top spot on his list.  His success rate continues to impress and his knowledge grows with every season.  He is raising two young boys to follow in his boot steps.



Also known as the "Diva", Eva keeps us all active and reminds us that life is about the simple things. In her free time she has perfected the sport of counter surfing. Birds, squirrels, and football is what gets Eva motivated every day.

Ontario, Canada



Kyle and his wife Tracey are resort owners and fishing experts in Kashabowie, Ontario.  Kyle's specialty is Smallmouth Bass with multiple bass fishing championships.  He participates in at least three large tournaments annually.



Nick has grown up on the waters of Shabonawan and can catch fish under all conditions.  He is a local guide specializing in big fish of all species and has claimed a bass championship as well.  When not on the water he can be found in the woods pursuing big game animals.

Tucker & Sampson


These two keep everything in check at Kashabowie River Resort.  Share a stick of beef jerky and they will tell you all of the secret spots!